Embracing Fitness

Fitness is going to be the easiest goal for me because I enjoy it. I love cursing at myself, it motivates me to work harder. That “Come on you betch move that ass!” Always gives me that push. I’ve already been actively exercising every week I just don’t have a set plan.

I’ve been thinking of the different types of plans I can create. For example, I could have leg day, core day, arm day, back day, full body.

For my workouts I’ve been utilizing my treadmill and Youtube. For Youtube my go to channels are Xhit Daily, Lumowell and Yoga with Adriene. I might throw in some random different channel videos but these are the 3 channels that I’ve been able to find videos and do them fully without stopping or I can actually do all of the positions they have.

I work 4 days out of the week so they’re at least 3 days I can use to “go hard” in my work outs and the 4 days that I have to go into work I can do light exercises.

I want to do at least 2 miles on work days and days off 3 miles.

Week 1

  1. Sunday – 3 miles on treadmill + abs
  2. Monday – Rest
  3. Tuesday – 3 miles on treadmill + arms
  4. Wednesday – Rest
  5. Thursday – 2 miles on treadmill + back
  6. Friday – 2 miles on treadmill
  7. Saturday – 3 miles on treadmill + full body (arms/abs/back)

Those are my plans this week. I actually like how they look I’m pretty sure I’ll see some type of improvement especially incorporating my treadmill. I really want to get some circulation going on in my legs especially since my job is a desk job. Next going I’m to tackle my eating which will be the toughest challenge in this whole process.

Featured Photo Credit: Tiara Kristine


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