Signs that I Ain’t Meant to Be in No God Damn Relationship

Sometimes it gets lonely being single and then I reflect back on how it felt to be loved, to know someone has your back no matter what and to get the back side waxed whenever mama needed it.

Then I start to reflect on how I have my own back, how I love myself no  matter what, how I can satisfy myself. After that I realize I love single life and I’m not ready to be committed. When I say committed I mean I don’t want no damn relationships in any shape or form.

I don’t want your confused energy from a one night stand. I don’t want to texting me your dick picks asking me if I want it tonight. I don’t want to try and pay my….well you can pay my bills but you ain’t getting shit from me.

You know how I figured out how I’m not ready for a relationship. This guy started flirting with me and telling me how he has all of this land. Showed me his money. His body and I started to bite. I started to flirt with him. Did a little role play. Then after about a day I got tired of giving him my attention. I mean I’d love to have him pay my bills magically without having to give him my time and effort but it requires that. It’s too much work for someone I’m not mentally, physically and emotionally attracted.

This ain’t even limited to boyfriend, side pieces or husbands. Family members you can keep your distance to because I’ll take all of you like I take my tea: no sugar and small doses every now and then.

Friends you can fuck off because you’ve all been downgraded to associates. If you can’t help me get anywhere financially or go places with my life and all you do is sit there and listen, I DON’T NEED YO ASS. I have a mirror for that.

Chris Powell I don’t want a weight loss relationship with you because you know damn well all of those recipes you put in that book are too expensive and only a rich bitch could afford that shit.

The only people I want in my corner are the people that will be there for me when I’m in the hospital. The people that will have my back if I can’t do for myself. The people that still love me when I wake up angry because that’s what I’d do in return.

Just thinking…


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