A Memory of Insecurity


I chose this photo above because it reminds me of myself when I was 16. This is exactly  how I would dress. Wedge heels, jeans, some out of place shirt  covered by a jack, long hair don’t care.

A few years ago I tried dressing the same way for college. This was after my weight gain I was about 18 and around 200 lbs, I took my time that  morning to make sure I looked flawless shoulder up. It took me about a hour before I choked up all my insecurities  and threw on my outfit. I left home feeling “iffy” about the way I dressed but  I still left.

I walked outside  and stopped to stand  where two little girls  were on the corner of the street waiting for the bus to come and one of the little girls whispered to her friend, “The outfit would be cuter if it was on someone smaller”. I stood there for a few minutes and let her comment sink in even after they left.

Once the comment settled in. I turned around, walked home and changed my outfit. I was afraid someone else would  think the same thing if they hadn’t already. Needless to say that was the last time I tried this type of outfit.

That memory doesn’t bother me now but it did then. Theres very few times where I let someones words get to me. Now it’s a memory that is a mirror of my growth as a woman and standing reminder of how people will always be “people”. They bleed and use the bathroom just like I do.

If the same thing were to happen today I would just hold my head up high and went about my business. I have to love my memories, they’re  what makes me….me 🙂

#memory  #story #storytime  #mylife  #beautiful  #goregeous

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