Day 1 Weight Loss Diary – The Start of a New Lifestyle

Today I finally did it. I built up enough courage to get off my butt, clean off my treadmill and use it. My treadmill is one of those cheap $200 treadmills and although it can go up to 13 mph I can’t go past 4 mph. I think it may be due to my weight or either I didn’t put it together right when I first purchased it but whenever I try to go past 4 mph I can feel my feet stick on that mat like I might slip on it. So I have to stay below 4 mph. I completed a mile a in 25 minutes. I know a lot of health freaks would say, “25 minutes for a mile!?!?! You’ve got to be kidding me!” Well fuck you, not everyone can do what you do.

As I was walking on my treadmill my lower back started to hurt and I almost stopped at 15 minutes but I slowed down to 1 mph for two minutes and then BTS – DNA came on and I went back to 4 mph lol. I love that song.  More music videos I chose to work out to with dancing came on it really made me want to work out so I can move along with them.

One thing I got from today, for my music selection choose music where people are moving and dancing.Choose songs that I love and enjoy. Not just something to listen to.  I also at before exercising and I drunk two bottles of water while doing it.


One thought on “Day 1 Weight Loss Diary – The Start of a New Lifestyle

  1. Losing weight is a difficult task. Those who struggle with their own weight loss understand completely. I lost 60 lbs. last year and then I went and gained a little back. I’m back on track now. I don’t have a treadmill but just recently found an Air Walker, which allows me to exercise without bending my knees. This is a plus for me because up until I purchased it I couldn’t do much of anything. My knees are really bad and I need surgery. I use it several times a day for as long as I can go. I can do a little more each day. Good luck to you!


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