Day 2 Weight Loss Diary – Soreness and Planning

Day 2 

I chose not to exercise on day 2 because my legs were extremely sore from walking the treadmill and my achilles tendon felt pretty bad too. I forgot that, that was always a huge problem when I worked out especially walking. I injured it about 10 years ago running and it has never been the same since. I can definitely understand how Troy died from being shot with a arrow in the achilles its hard to recover from. Instead of exercising I spent day 2 making a chart for goals that I mentioned on day 1. It took a while to come up with the chart because I know how I am if there is too much on my plate. So here’s the chart below:

I created this chart with Microsoft Word. I put a heart under exercise because that’s what I plan on committing myself to the most. The rest is secondary. I listed the objectives/goals below everything I wanted to commit myself to. The next I’ll make or add to this chart how I’m going to achieve these goals. I’m going to try to do a little research to see how I can obtain these goals.

I also took today to not snack as much or eat junk food. There were a lot of moments where I went in the kitchen to grab a snack and I just opted for something healthy or nothing at all. Even though I am trying not to overwhelm myself with tackling too much at once if I can avoid overeating then I want to at least try.


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