Weight Loss Journey on Pause & Returning Back to School

I did not up and quit on my weight loss journey. It wass on pause due to the flu. I thought I had food poisoning but a trip to the emergency room revealed it was the flu and everyone apparently has it. I’ve had it for a few days. It took a while to shake it. In between medicine, sleeping, watching movies/shows and pain the only thing I can do is sit in bed and blog. I haven’t been able to eat much at all.  the stomach pain is out of this world and my legs hurt. Let me just say I used to think the flu was just having a fever, a cold and pain but it is so much worse than I thought it took me out for days! But in other news I’ve decided that I’m going to return to college!

After taking jobs that I knew I didn’t truly want but always wanted to experience or know how it felt. I’m done settling for anything just for money. The next job I get is a job that I actually want and enjoy. Hopefully part-time too I don’t want anymore full-time jobs. Which is why I decided to go back to school so that I can get an education in something I could enjoy but not have to constantly work to make good pay. A lot of job in my area (upstate new york) are customer service type jobs where you sit behind a desk but I need something that’s not going to flare up my anxiety too much but at the same time let me experience something new constantly.

A few degrees I’ve considered:

  1. Early Childhood Degree (0 – 2nd grade):
    1. Pros: There are a lot of positions available near me within less than 10 minutes away. Kids make you happy because their smile is genuine. I can take the whole degree online. Learn how to teach kids at an early age. Kids are easy to make happy and figure out. It allows me to be creative.
    2. Cons: Dealing with parents that don’t think their kid is bad. Dealing with bad kids. Kids tend to spread their sickness easily unintentionally. Some kids lie. Dealing with other teachers. You have to be social.
  2. Social Worker
    1. Pros: I’m almost done with my degree in this I can just continue it but I can’t complete it online.There are so many different positions as a social worker. I’m a very good listener. I can be very resourceful. When I give advice I never tell a person what to do because the answer is usually within them you just have to talk and question is out of them.
    2. Cons: I am a introvert with anxiety issues it will be challenging especially since I like to crawl back in my shell when I get uncomfortable. I’ve attempted internships before and didn’t enjoy it just not enough people doing their job with love and it made me lose my passion.
  3. Certified Nurse Assistant:
    1. Pros: It’s a slow-paced job and I’ve worked in an elderly home environment like this before for 2 years.
    2. Cons: Depressing and horrible to see people live out their lives based on if an employee wants to do their job or not. The pay is only $10 – $11 an hour.
  4. Travel Agent:
    1. Pros: Explore the world get out more.
    2. Cons: I don’t know much about this position and it doesn’t pay well in my area.

My final decision is to go with the early childhood education. It’s the smartest area for me to do because the age groups can change. It’s never going to go out of demand as long as kids are around lol. I need something close to home and that also mean internships will be close to home. I absolutely love that I can complete all of this online. The biggest plus is that it’s small children, I mean they genuinely make me happy they’re not fakers when it comes to emotions. So that’s where I am right now. My next post is going to be about a food plan! Yeah that’s right! After being sick I had to eat food  that was in its simplest form to keep it down fruit and veges. It made me realize how much I miss eating that way and I know I spoke about how I don’t want to overwhelm myself by doing too much but all I’ve been doing is literally sitting at home watching tv and playing spades. I can spare time to prep a meal. If all else fails I’ll just back up to only working out.



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