Weight Loss Journey Reboot – Meal Plan & Exercise for Week 1 – Day 1

Week 1: Meal Plan & Exercise – Day 1

Losing Weight at Home


fruit romaine lettuce salad strawberries mangos raisins

Breakfast was delicious. I did not cook the scrambled egg because the food I had was a task to eat in its self. I had 1 cup of romaine lettuce, 1 cup of strawberry halves, 1 cup of chunky mangos and 1/2 a cup of raisins.

The process was a struggle because I woke up at 7am. I had to get my niece dressed and ready for school then myself dressed. Afterwards I had to go to the grocery to buy and find the items. I got back home. Logged and figured out what I was going to eat in myfitnesspal along with the measurements. Prep the food and then eat. Needless to say 10:26am is when I actually sat down and ate.

The meal was HUGE and took a while to eat but I ate it. I now realize what I thought in my mind was a cup is a lot more.

I originally had apricots planned with my breakfast but when I opened the can it smelled soooooo good I decided to taste it. It was digusting! It was sour and bland. I instantly spit it out and poured the whole can out. So apricots is out of the picture completely.

The raisins really made this meal. They were extremely sweet! I didn’t realize 1/2 cup of raisins were so many but I had already logged it in myfitnesspal so I just stuck with it. Next time I’ll probably try 1/3 a cup or 1/4 so they’re aren’t so many.


leslie sansone 3 mega mile walk review

Exercise was after breakfast, 12pm-ish. I did the Leslie Sansone 3 Mega mile walk. Let me just say I don’t like all the new crap and fluff Leslie has put in her new videos. I think it’s straight up bs. I miss how everyone on her cast was older, they were rarely color coordinated and they just walked and moved their arms around. Now she’s got you jumping around, boxing, squatting, doing the mambo. I have two left feet and I’m already struggling to complete the 3 miles, how am I going to mambo? Luckily she has plenty of 3 mile dvds so for tomorrow I’m going to try and dig up some old Leslie Sansone dvd’s on Youtube because this new crap is for the birds. I did make it through the 3 mile walk though but I’ll probably use that one the least.



For lunch (2:32pm) I had 2 tuna sandwiches They consisted of 1 can of starkist tuna, dijon mustard, mayo, 1 boiled egg, 1 stick of celery, 1 cup of baby spinach and 4 slices of Delightful Multigrain Bread. The tuna sandwich was good except the celery. I think I may have become allergic to it raw. It tasted extremely spicy like eating pepper and which I swallowed it, it felt like it was in my throat no matter how much water I drunk. So I ate some Nilla wafers to push it down because I didn’t want to pack on anymore raw fruit or veges on it. My body can only tolerate so much raw food at once before I have a actual reaction to it. I have a nigh tolerance for certain fruit but most vegetable actually all, now that I think about it since I’m adding celery to the list, I’m allergic to raw. I wont be adding the celery anymore.

If it weren’t for me eating the Nilla wafers I still would have been hungry for lunch so next time I plan to add something with the sandwich. Probably a banana or maybe a gummy snack.


chicken breast jasmine rice veges

I forgot to cook the cornbread but it’s alright because dinner (6:55pm) was very fullfilling and I had A LOT to eat. I had 1 cup of cooked Jasmine rice, 1/2 green beller pepper, 1 whole onion, 1 stick of celery and 1 chicken breast. I also at a banana. It was delicious. There was no way I could have added cornbread I barely made it through this meal.


I also wanted to add I did get tempted twice to cheat the first time was making breakfast my mom left a strawberry pop tart in the toaster. I sniffed that baby twice and threw it away.


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