About Me


Some of my followers might be wondering who I am. 

Who Am I? I’m a lovely, single, 25 year old, Virgo that lives with her mom. If you recognize me in my photo, yes it’s me! I got fat since the last time we spoke but don’t worry that’s going to change! (P.S. If we don’t talk anymore and you want to, don’t be afraid to reach out.)

I like to think of myself as kind, giving, honest and a realist. I tell it like it is and yes I’ve hurt people’s feelings doing that. Yes I do apologize but 9 times out of 10 I won’t. If my truth makes you angry, sad or uncomfortable then we probably won’t be friends or talk a lot and it doesn’t bother me one bit because I realized a long time ago not everyone is meant to understand your path.

I was named after Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. One of my favorite things to do in my past time is to make jewelry. I never get tired of doing it. I would love to vacation in Hawaii and Alaska some day. I plan on going to Hershey Park too. I wanted to go to DIsney but the expenses and amount of people that are there kind of scared me off but who knows what the future holds.

The only little one in my life is my niece. I love that little 4 foot bundle of fun.  I have a job that I once considered to be the coolest and funniest job in the world…customer service. I used to love my job. I was only 9 years old when I saw my dad working his desk job for customer service. I thought he was so cool and I always dreamed about having my own desk and answering phones. Now that I have had it for 3 years I hate it. It’s repetitive and too many good people leave because of the revolving door. I have 3 goals for 2018: expanding my jewelry business, going back to school/college and working on my weight loss.

Some random things about me...

I don’t have any pets but I have in the past owned 4 goldfish for 4 years. The goldfish I ended up putting them in a pond. Two of the 4 I accidentally killed when I was changing the water out. My mom was rushing me to clean up because cleaning the tank out was a messy job lol. I didn’t bother to check how hot the temperature of the water was and when I put them back in they just…died. That was devastating to me and I haven’t had a pet since. If I do ever get a pet again I want a cat.

My favorite color is pink. My favorite music to listen to…I don’t have a specific genre. I listen to just about anything. Here are some artists with albums that I NEVER get tired of and listen to just about every day currently:  Empire of the Sun (All 3 albums), Ellie Goulding (All of her albums but I especially love Halcyon) BT (Songs Across the Wire), Stevie Wonder (Greatest Hits), Jaden Smith (the only album he has), Jill Scott (all of her albums speak to my soul) and Sade (Greatest Hits).

My favorite actor/actress has to be Donnie Yen and Katrina Kaif. I grew up on kung fu movies so I naturally gravitate toward them. I discovered Bollywood when I visited my Dad’s house a couple of years ago and fell in love with it so now I’m addicted to Bollywood and Kung fu movies and I always watch them with the subtitles on. Yes it annoys any and everyone that watches movies with me. Be annoyed!

One of my favorite quotes is “Even the biggest knot can be untied.” To me that quote means nothing is out of your reach you can achieve and do anything.



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